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Frequently asked questions
В: Is Upload.bg accessible from anywhere?
О: Yes, the resource is equally accessible through entire Internet.

В: For how long the files will be stored?
О: Each file will be kept stored for 6 months after it's last download or view if it's picture.

В: I have uploaded a file, but I managed to lost the link. Whad to do now?
О: The service is anonymous and does not offer a way to recover links. You can upload the file again.

В: Is it possible for someone to abuse personal information uploaded at Upload.bg
О: Altho it is strictly forbidden the risk is real. Anyone who obtained a link to a file containing sensitive information can download and use it.

В: Is Upload.bg free and why?
О: Yes, Upload.bg services are free for use - on purpose!

В: Is it possible to search for files stored at Upload.bg
О: No. All the files stored at Upload.bg are completely unaccessible by any search engines, robots, etc.